Beko HBG70X Integrated Chimney Cooker Hood, Stainless Steel





Boasting an effortlessly stylish curved glass roof, the Beko built-in chimney cooker hood is easy on the eye as well as being practical. Power There are 3 venting speeds to choose from, meaning you’ll easily eliminate any cooking smells, grease and steam. This will ensure you can cook at home with peace of mind, maintaining a pleasant environment in the kitchen. 2 handy grease filters With the Beko HBG70X cooker hood, you’ll never have to worry about greasy smells and residue after cooking, as this model’s handy grease filters will take care of all of that for you. Illuminated cooking area 2 halogen lights provide the perfect level of illumination to make cooking a breeze. This also means you can do everything in one place, chopping and preparing food next to your oven, making use of your cooker hoods light. Quiet performance With the Beko HBG70X cooker hood, you can entertain guests in the kitchen while cooking and not have to worry about excessive noise from the extraction.

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