Brabantia Finger Proof Touch Bin 60-Litre – Matt Steel





Brabantia Finger Proof Touch Bin 60 Litre- Matt St Fingerprint Proof Touch Bin 60-Litre – Matt Steel This large 60-litre bin from Brabantia has been given a special fingerprint proof finish to ensure the matt steel retains its sleek shine. A touch lid is fitted with a soft touch closure for smooth operation, and the extra large opening is wide enough to empty a dustpan without spilling the contents back onto the floor. Finished with a thoughtful carry handle that allows the bin to be moved even when full, it’s made from durable corrosion resistant materials and comes with a 10 year guarantee. Useful info: Brabantia 60-litre fingerprint proof bin Matt steel Soft touch lid closure Extra large opening Removable lid unit for easy bag changes Carry handle Corrosion resistant materials 10 year guarantee Colour: Matt Steel.

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