Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner





Effortless in control, efficient in performance and remarkable in design, the Cinetic Big Ball Animal Cylinder is one of the most ground-breaking vacuum cleaners on the market with its ability to eat up more dust and dirt. Dyson Cinetic Science You don’t need to worry about replacing a filter with Dyson Cinetic Science as it effectively separates the microscopic dust that potentially clogs the vacuum thanks to its 5000Hz oscillation, meaning you lose no power of the suction. Ball Technology The vacuum cleaner effortlessly glides wherever you intend it to, especially around corners and multiple surfaces thanks to the Ball technology . No more awkward manoeuvring as you clean your home thanks to the core components that are built-into the ball. Carbon Fibre Turbine Head Fine dust is captured by carbon fibre filaments, whilst ground-in dirt is easily removed by stiff nylon bristles. Key features of the Cinetic Big Ball Animal: Self-rights when toppled – this vacuum cleaner has the ability to pick itself up should it fall down Hygienically removes dirt – dirt and debris are forced out of the vacuum simply with a push of a button. Articulated handle for easy cleaning – rotating in three different directions, you can rely on 360 cleaning in your home

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