Gorenje NRK6192 Freestanding Fridge Freezer, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide





With a large 222-litre capacity fridge, matched by a generously-sized 85-litre freezer, the Gorenje NRK6192MUK Free Standing Fridge Freezer offers versatile food storage to meet the needs of busy families. This appliance features intelligent refrigerator control and innovative cooling technology, meaning lower running costs and stored food keeps fresher longer. With a choice of six colour finishes, this fridge freezer will look great in any kitchen, and it has a highly economical A++ Energy Rating. Clever storage Specially designed drawers and shelves mean that this fridge can accommodate virtually every type of food and container efficiently. A CrispZone, with adjustable humidity control, keeps salad and vegetables garden-fresh. It’s one of the largest vegetable bins in the market. There’s also a FreshActive drawer which keeps meat and fish fresher by storing them at temperatures a few degrees lower than the rest of the fridge compartment. The unit has a horizontal wire bottle rack, as well as a door shelf for deep bottle storage. Even temperatures Intensive air circulation promotes a steady, even temperature throughout the fridge compartment. Compared to other, conventional systems, MultiFlow cools the food more efficiently to better retain its freshness. Gorenje’s IonAir technology mimics the natural process of ionisation and continually refreshes the air in the refrigerator. In the ZeroZone drawer, for example, the temperature is always around 0 °C, making it ideal for storing meat, fish and seafood, and extending the life of these types of fresh food so that they retain all their natural goodness. Intelligent fridge Incorporating the AdaptTech smart system to recognise your habits, the appliance continuously monitors and analyses the way you use the fridge section. It can predict when you will open the fridge door and, just before you do, it lowers the temperature by a degree or two. This ensures a constant low-temperature is maintained to keep food fresh, despite the inflow of warm air when the fridge door is opened. Frost-free technology The appliance’s NoFrost system means there’s no requirement for you to defrost the freezer compartment – ever. This clever technology means that there is sufficient humidity to prevent frozen food from drying out, but not enough for ice or frost to form. The freezer also features an extra-large freezer compartment that is big enough to accommodate a turkey. A++ Energy Rating Excellent insulation levels, improved door sealing, and a hi-tech refrigeration system all contribute to cutting power consumption to a minimum, earning this appliance an A++ Energy Rating.

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