ILVE PTW100FE3 Roma Dual Fuel Freestanding Range Cooker





Recently updated with digital temperature controls and twin programmable ovens, the Roma PTW100FE3 is more than just a cooker for your home, it’s an investment in a great cooking experience. Famous for stunning handmade built-in and freestanding ovens, ILVE is the quintessential Italian brand that’s perfect for those who are passionate about cooking. Fry-top The ILVE fry top made is from high-quality brushed stainless steel. It has a large surface area and raised sides for easy use and cleaning. Perfect for American style pancakes or cooking meat and fish. Gas burners The 4 gas burners feature flame safety devices and cast iron pan supports ready to manage everything from a slow simmer to a quick boil, as well as pots of all sizes. Well designed features The Roma has many great features that make your home cooking more enjoyable. With a quick start rapid heat up, catalytic liners on the roof, rear and side of the ovens as well as a storage drawer, these have been carefully designed with the home cook in mind. Multiple oven functions The ovens have multiple functions including several time-saving and advanced features, including defrost, rotisserie, grill, top heat only, base heat only as well as the pizza function. These range of options gives you great flexibility for your home cooking needs, and both ovens are A rated for energy efficiency. High quality If you appreciate a professional look in your kitchen, the quality design and construction of the ILVE Roma will leave you understanding that you have made a great investment. Each ILVE range is hand-built by an individual craftsman at their state of the art factory near Venice. Consequently they have a well-deserved reputation for quality, and the overall solidity and integrity of every component is easily seen, from the metal controls to the triple-glazed doors and gentle hum of the ovens. Important installation information Please be aware that this range cooker requires a 32 Amp fuse, so you would need an electrically trained engineer to help you fit your new appliance. A cable is NOT included, so an electrically trained engineer would also be required to hardwire your new range cooker.

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