Lotus Maximus Evo 4000





Maximus Evo pumps are designed to deliver higher performance with a new advanced energy efficient motor and impeller system, reducing running costs and the impact on the environment. The robust construction of the motor and impeller is designed for the toughest of conditions. Its silent and powerful operation is ideal for running a filter system, waterfall or fountain. The Maximus Evo incorporates a wraparound filter cage which maximises the water flow without the need of a foam pre filter and virtually eliminating any maintenance. There are 4 pumps available in the range to suit your ponds requirements. Depth: 14 CM Height: 15.5 CM Width: 21 CM Adjustable Shelf: N Anchoring Inlcuded: N Care Instructions: Included Large mechanical filtering surface to prevent debris clogging pump handles solids up to 2mm Economical to run Easy to maintain Complete with fountain heads, riser, couplings and flow valve. Superior design and long lasting rotor

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