Nokia BPM+ Compact Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor





Nokia’s Wireless BPM+ provides you with easy and precise self-management of your blood pressure with the help of your iOS or Android device. By using the Nokia Health Mate app, you can keep a simple history of your results to track or email to your doctor. With a soft grey cuff, its slim and compact design makes it ideal for travel use. Easy to use Wrap the band around your arm and turn it on to automatically launch the Health Mate app. Following a brief set of instructions, you will be ready to choose between a single measurement or the mean average to get instant information on your systolic, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. You don’t even need to plug the BPM+ in to get your results- it works completely wirelessly thanks to built-in Bluetooth functionality. Your results when you need them Results are automatically saved to your Nokia account, with history easily viewable in graphs on your device or through Nokia’s web app. The time of measurements taken matters, so the app automatically separates AM and PM readings, so you only compare the data that you need to. Feedback is instant and based on the World Health Organization’s official standards for a quick and easy to understand results. Medically Approved The Wireless BPM+ is compliant with European medial device regulations. You can take measurements in the comfort of your own home and then send them to your doctor by email over Wi-Fi with a few taps, and can even access your information on your private account through a PC or Mac and the web app. Nokia’s BPM+ is compatible with various partner apps, including CarePass, Tictrac, GenieMD, Ovia and even IFTTT, allowing you to set rules that trigger other apps respond to your results. Backed By Research, Used In Research The Nokia Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor has been used in studies and trials conducted in several universities and healthcare systems: University College Dublin (UCD) Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Toulouse American Medical Group Association University Of Pennsylvania HEGP Cardiology – Blood pressure study  

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